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Your Grocery Shopping Questions Answered! My Video Chats with Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru


For my final post as a 2011 ConAgra Foods blogger ambassador, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Supermarket Guru himself, Phil Lempert about advice for moms on grocery shopping.  It seems like such a mundane task at first glance, but we all know just how much time, energy, ...

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You, On a Plate. For Breakfast.


The new season of The Next Food Network Star has started! I love this show and am excited for this new cast of characters.  I can already tell poor Juba's fate is sealed. Their first challenge was for the chef-testants to show the judges themselves "on a plate" as a breakfast ...

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Summer Patio Party: South of the Border-Style (and Giveaway)


Last summer we (finally) had our patio re-done after 7 years of living with a wooden deck that we rarely used.  We lucked out with finding a contractor that agreed to tear down the rickety deck and replace it with a fresh new flagstone patio. And so began my visions ...

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Solving Your Top 5 Dinner Challenges with


Here's the thing about dinner: it happens every.night. Sure, when you're in college or when you are single (or even when you're a newlywed), you can get away with cereal or cold pizza for dinner on a regular basis.  But once kids enter the picture, the dinner dynamic changes - ...

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My Celeb Chef Interview with George Duran


As part of my super duper role as a blog ambassador for ConAgra Foods, I recently had the pleasure of being able to interview celebrity chef George Duran!  You've seen him on Food Network, now check out what he had to say to FOODe about his career, background and recipe ...

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Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


I am in love with Mexican food. We must eat it at least once every two weeks.  Nothing beats the flavors, the comfort, the cheese.  In fact, I've often said that I've failed my Caribbean roots because if you ask Giggles what her favorite food, she'll say "tacos!" without hesitation. So ...

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Sangria and Tapas and Girlfriends, Oh My!


This post is loooong overdue.  {Story of my life.}  Back in February, my buddy Twofer Mom organized a casual blogger tweetup at Jaleo in Bethesda.  It was a fun night out with the bloggy girls. I yakked it up with Jodifur and JessicaNow and Elena and Janine and Joanne and made a ...

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Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers


[caption id="attachment_562" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Image Credit:"][/caption]   I confess. I totally made this one up. (I thought I was so original - as it turns out, I wasn't - but I was still proud!) But it came out really great!! I came home form work and had to come up with ...

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This Week’s New Recipes


Staying in line with my newfound committment to healthy eating, I tried out two new recipes from the Ready, Set, Eat! site: Sweet Orange Glazed Salmon The salmon came out great. I ate with Uncle Ben's Brown Rice and an easy side salad. Here is my review of the dish from RSE: Loved ...

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New Weight Watchers Ice Cream Products


My name is Fergie and I am an ice cream addict.  Really, it's true! If given the choice between cakes and cookies or ice cream, i will go ice cream every time.  But such a habit does not do well for a gal who needs to be watching her figure.  ...

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