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Summer Recipe: Governor’s Mansion Peach Tea Punch


Image Credit: Southern Living   I used the Memorial Day holiday as an excuse to try out a few new recipes.  In last month's issue of Southern Living magazine, I saw this recipe for Governor's Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch.  It looked so lovely and enticing!  So, yesterday I decided to try it ...

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The Most Excited Student


I just got a special delivery of cookbooks from my friends at Everywhere as a thank you gift.  I'm already a fan of cookbooks, but my excitement level shot through the roof when I opened the envelope to find this big (4.36 lbs!), beautiful cooking bible in front of me: 500 ...

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Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers


[caption id="attachment_562" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Image Credit:"][/caption]   I confess. I totally made this one up. (I thought I was so original - as it turns out, I wasn't - but I was still proud!) But it came out really great!! I came home form work and had to come up with ...

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Bagels and Lox


Image Credit: Party Resources I'm trying a new diet and this morning's breakfast called for a whole-wheat thin bagel, lowfat cream cheese, tomato slices and...lox.  I'm not a huge lox fan, but past experience has taught me that if I don't eat protein for breakfast, the rest of my day is ...

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