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Solving Your Top 5 Dinner Challenges with


Here's the thing about dinner: it happens every.night. Sure, when you're in college or when you are single (or even when you're a newlywed), you can get away with cereal or cold pizza for dinner on a regular basis.  But once kids enter the picture, the dinner dynamic changes - ...

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Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


I am in love with Mexican food. We must eat it at least once every two weeks.  Nothing beats the flavors, the comfort, the cheese.  In fact, I've often said that I've failed my Caribbean roots because if you ask Giggles what her favorite food, she'll say "tacos!" without hesitation. So ...

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BlogHer Food’11!


Next month, I'll be at BlogHer Food in Atlanta! Besides looking forward to meeting tons of fellow foodies and to hear the latest about food blogging trends, I will also be presenting a session called: Fast, Healthy, Family-friendly: Not the Oxymoron You Might Think! Delicious dinners and “family friendly” need not ...

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Bagels and Lox


Image Credit: Party Resources I'm trying a new diet and this morning's breakfast called for a whole-wheat thin bagel, lowfat cream cheese, tomato slices and...lox.  I'm not a huge lox fan, but past experience has taught me that if I don't eat protein for breakfast, the rest of my day is ...

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ReadySetEat: Quick Dinner Ideas and Recipe Reviews


Here's the thing about dinner: we have to eat it Keeping my family fed with an interesting variety of meals each day can be an exhausting prospect.  I'm always searching for tasty, easy, and most of all quick recipes that I can get on the table in 30 minutes ...

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Christmas Eve Tradition: Chinese Takeout


Sounds random, doesn't it? It all began years ago when my sister and I were home at my mom's house for Christmas.  For whatever reason, we found ourselves starving and exhausted late on Christmas Eve.  Because absolutely nothing else was open, my mom suggested that we order Chinese food from ...

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Meals on Wheels: Food Meets Social Media


Have you looked up and down your street lately? Chances are you've seen at least one food truck - the hottest sensation in the food industry right now.  I love the concept behind these trucks: they're mobile; bring a variety of foods to areas that might be lacking; affordable and ...

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Bring It On, Rach


I could give Rachael Ray a run for her garbage bowl.  She might make 30-minute meals, but I'm the queen of 20-minute meals. The window of time I have between when I walk in the door from work and when my middle child is going to pass out from hunger ...

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