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Summer Patio Party: South of the Border-Style (and Giveaway)


Last summer we (finally) had our patio re-done after 7 years of living with a wooden deck that we rarely used.  We lucked out with finding a contractor that agreed to tear down the rickety deck and replace it with a fresh new flagstone patio. And so began my visions ...

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Summer Recipe: Governor’s Mansion Peach Tea Punch


Image Credit: Southern Living   I used the Memorial Day holiday as an excuse to try out a few new recipes.  In last month's issue of Southern Living magazine, I saw this recipe for Governor's Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch.  It looked so lovely and enticing!  So, yesterday I decided to try it ...

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Girltime + Brunch = Recipe for Good Times


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Camille hosted a pre-Valentine's Day brunch to reunite our old book club group.  We began back in 2003 and called ourselves "Sisters With Books." Get it? SWB? Ahem.  Anyway, over the years some of us moved to different cities or had kids and ...

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Christmas Eve Tradition: Chinese Takeout


Sounds random, doesn't it? It all began years ago when my sister and I were home at my mom's house for Christmas.  For whatever reason, we found ourselves starving and exhausted late on Christmas Eve.  Because absolutely nothing else was open, my mom suggested that we order Chinese food from ...

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Modern Family


I just discovered this show on ABC. It's a keeper! Anybody out there a fan? Cougar Town is funny too. I'm trying to drag myself away from the reality tv cable show junkie that I've become in recent months and see what the sitcoms are talking about these days. Not ...

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Our Thanksgiving getaway was postively wonderful. Hubby and I enjoyed 4 days of snot-free, whine-free, interrupted sleep-free bliss. Of course I missed the heck out of the crew by Day 2, but that's the way love goes, right? Still, that "80-minute Cherry Harvest Festival sour cherry wrap with herbally ...

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Rainy Day


The perfect rainy day schedule:9am - wake up. watch cartoons.10am - eat pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast.11am - do Kindergarten homework. Read stories.12pm - check email. do "workouts" led by a hyper-energetic 5 year-old.1pm - eat indoor picnic lunch on the new bedroom carpet. [shhh...don't tell dad]2pm - run ...

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Don't underestimate the value of bonafide girl-time. On Friday the MamaLaw gals and another close friend spent the night at a hotel where we broadcast our first episode of our web show, hit the town for drinks and heart-to-heart convo, and laughed ALL NIGHT. Do you hear me? We ...

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Doin’ It Big In Texas


Day 1 of our fabulous Dallas bloggerazzi trip is nearing an end. After a long but fun day of seeing how the other half lives, I am finally in bed, wiped. We spent all day doing a photo shoot and video shoot for the American Heart Association's Go Red for ...

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Back In The Game


We're baaaack! Spring break in Florida was big fun, if not completely hectic. We started out visiting some friends in Jacksonville and then driving down to Miami to spend the week with all the grandparents. And I mean all. Hubby's parents, my mom and her boyfriend, and my dad and ...

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