Kids’ Party Themes: Taste the Rainbow

My girl Jazzy from Travel Jonez sent me this image of gorgeous rainbow cupcakes thinking that I would like to use them for an upcoming kids’ birthday party.  She knows me well. I am in love and already planning a Rainbow-themed bash in my head.

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  1. Love this idea! I’ve never seen this candy used as rainbows. I used them to be “beach blankets” on a beach-themed birthday cake recently, though.

  2. hi im sharl and ive just started baking(learning on my own) can i ask the recipe for this cupcake please?ive searched for it but i cant find it.please?ill use it for my sisters family day in school.ill give the credits and pictures to you.thanks:)

  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I am challenged with a care bear themed baby shower and I MUST make these!!! Thank you!

  4. I love this cupcake. I have a page on cupcake recipes and was thinking of adding a rainbow cupcake recipe. I really like that colorful candy idea!

  5. what a cute idea! they look great!

  6. Hi I am attempting to make these next weekend and I am wondering if the candy strips are hard to bend? Once they go into the frosting, do they keep their shape or do they mess up the cupcake trying to go back to a straight form? Thanks a bunch!
    (or did you push the candy down into the cake?)

  7. also interested for this coming Sat. The white looks really shiny, I like it, is it homemade? I feel like my homemade would be more stiff and matte looking. Any suggestions? And what coloring did you use for the blue??

    Thank you!

  8. this is great I have been looking for something like this all day my daughter wants my little pony cupcakes so I am going to makes some of the cupcakes with these and then some with little pony rings on them..

  9. Where do u get the candy rainbows???

  10. This is a cute idea!!

  11. I love this idea, I made these cupcakes and they may not have looked as pretty but they sure were cute. Thanks for the great idea.

  12. cool and cute

  13. Where do u get the candy rainbows???

  14. what are the rainbows made out of?

  15. for those asking about the candy: they are Airheads Xtreme Belts (sour). The clouds look almost like royal icing (that you use for making gingerbread houses).

  16. These are so stinking adorable!

  17. Hi! I made these this past weekend for my daughter’s birthday. You kinda have to experiment with the size of the rainbows. I ended up cutting the strips into thirds and then used marshmallows to help them stand up better. That being said, they were precious!

  18. To prevent the candy from flopping over, I first iced the cupcakes with the blue, then cut 2 slits in the tips of the cupcakes. I put each end into a slit, and then piped the white clouds around the candy, which also hid the cuts.

  19. Tops, not tips. Oops!

  20. Hello! These are fabulous cupcakes!! I have them on my Pinterest page and I am making them for my daughters birthday party next week!!! Question for you, did you let the airheads candy get staile overnight to help keep the shape or did you just tuck them into the cupcakes?

    Congrats on a successful idea!

  21. This is awesome! I have a cupcake sale coming up for a fundraiser and these would be a hit! Thanks!

    Lesley /

  22. I am going to try that!

  23. This is one of those themes that might really interest every child. The theme has come all of a sudden and surprise to the children that they are so exited and eagerly waiting to start the party. Thank you for sharing such wonderful post.

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  25. The Airheads are readily available at WALGREENS! $1.00 pkg.

  26. Where is the recipe??

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  32. Where is the recipe? I need to know how to make these!!!

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  34. That is actually a pretty good idea and it is not so hard to do, at least I don’t have to pay someone to do it, I can do it myself. Thanks for the idea.

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