Happy Birthday Hubby: A Con Agra Foods Giveaway

I’m excited because this post marks the first of a series centered around one of my greatest passions in life – food!  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be working with Con Agra Foods to bring you tips and tricks for meal planning and prep, recipe suggestions, weeknight dinner solutions, and I will even be sharing some insider info from Celebrity Chef George Duran and Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru.  Be sure to come back and visit often because with every post I’ll be offering up a giveaway so that you can receive some ConAgra goodies too.

This past weekend was our nanny’s wedding, Mother’s Day and…Hubby’s birthday.  Needless to say, the poor dear didn’t get to bask the Birthday Spotlight since he had to share his weekend with two other events.  The good news is that he’s not really into big birthday celebrations, but I am!  I like to make a big deal about birthdays and so, in addition to surprising him with a gift of some new kicks and a sharp shirt to add to his wardrobe, I had planned on spoiling him with a day of his favorite foods – but of course, the day did not go as planned and before I knew it, we were heading out of town for the wedding. So. I had to postpone his Culinary Carnival, but mark my words – it shall be done! And here are a few of the recipes, sponsored by ConAgra Foods, that I plan to whipping up for him:

Reddi-Wip French Toast

5 seconds Reddi-Wip
1 egg
4 Slices Bread
Oil for fry Pan

1.       In a shallow mixing bowl, whisk together the Reddi-Wip and egg.
2.       Quickly dip slices (do not soak) in egg mixture and cook on a hot griddle until golden brown on both  sides.
3.       Serve with your favorite topping.


Bread Pudding

3 Slices White Bread
10 seconds Reddi-Wip
½ cup eggbeaters or 2 eggs
1 Tablespoon Raisin
1 Tablespoon Golden Raisins
1 teaspoon Vanilla
Pinch of Cinnamon

  1. Tear or cut bread into pieces.
  2. Place bread and raisins into a small, microwave safe baking dish (8”x4”).
  3. Whisk remaining ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  4. Pour this mixture over top of bread and raisins.
  5. Microwave for 2 minutes.

Caramel Sauce

5 seconds Reddi-Wip
10 Caramels

  1. Place Reddi-Wip in a microwave safe bowl and heat 30 seconds.
  2. Add caramels to bowl and heat an additional 1 minute 30 seconds.
  3. Stir to combine.


At first I was thinking of using the Caramel Sauce just with the Bread Pudding, but heck, we could eat it with the French Toast too!  These recipes are just perfect because Hubby adores whipped cream.   We always have a can of Reddi-Wip on hand for his morning french toast or waffles and my kids love putting it on their strawberries or in their hot chocolate.

Oh, and since this is a birthday party after all, there’s gifts for you too! Leave me a comment telling me what Reddi-Wip recipe you’d like to try and you’ll be entered to a Con Agra Goody Bag filled with these goodies:

PAM Cooking Spray (Baking), Snack Pack coupons, Birthday Candles, Ground Cinnamon, Wesson Vegetable Oil, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Bisquick, Reddi-Wip Mugs, Reusable ConAgra Foods Bag!

A winner will be picked at random on Wednesday 5/18 at midnight.

For more sweet recipe inspiration, visit Reddi-Wip online.  And please tune in next week for a very cool interview with a very special guest!

This post is part of a series of on-going content coverage for Con Agra Foods. While I’ve been compensated by the brand, my thoughts are always my own.

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  3. There are so many! The cherry almond brunch cake or the fruit bruscheeta is perfect for my monthly brunch with the BFF. Lately I’ve been obsessed with chocolate & raspberries. The Choc/Raspberry pudding dessert martini has me drooling….

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