BlogHer Food’11!

I'm Speaking!
Next month, I’ll be at BlogHer Food in Atlanta! Besides looking forward to meeting tons of fellow foodies and to hear the latest about food blogging trends, I will also be presenting a session called:

Fast, Healthy, Family-friendly: Not the Oxymoron You Might Think!
Delicious dinners and “family friendly” need not be mutually exclusive. This session will provide tips on how the family cook can serve up quality food, even on a tight schedule. Bust out of your rut. FOOD”e” Justice Fergie will lead a discussion and brainstorm around how to: Shop and Stock the Pantry for Success, Meal Planning, Creative School Lunch Ideas, and even the joys of Bringing Back Sunday Dinner.

Can’t wait!  Check out the entire agenda here.

5 Responses to “BlogHer Food’11!”

  1. I HATE that I’m going to miss you! And, how crazy that we’ll be in each others cities?! We’ll have to catch up soon.

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Please bring back fabulous cocktail recipes. Oh, food too. But mostly cocktails. ;)

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