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Here’s the thing about dinner: we have to eat it Keeping my family fed with an interesting variety of meals each day can be an exhausting prospect.  I’m always searching for tasty, easy, and most of all quick recipes that I can get on the table in 30 minutes or less.  Enter

The site offers healthful meals that feature ConAgra products – meaning that the recipes are made up of easily accessible and affordable ingredients.  The recipes are searchable by what main ingredient you want to cook or by how much time you have. Now THAT’s speaking my language!

I’m delighted that I’ve been given the chance to serve on the ReadySetEat Shared Tastes Panel.  Each month, I will be making and reviewing 4 recipes from the site and sharing my experiences in the Reviews section below each recipe [Look for the reviews tagged FOODe].  I’m all about quick dinners and I love trying out new recipes, so you can imagine that I am excited about this project. I hope you’ll check out the site with me and add some new recipes to your dinner arsenal in the process.

So far, one of my favorite recipes has been the Spinach Walnut Penne:

This recipe was my favorite one of this week’s batch! Simple, yet flavorful and healthy. I loved the “one-pot” aspect – I was able to throw all of the ingredients into one pot and let it work. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of adding walnuts to the dish, but I have to say that it works :) {I am amazed at the lack of seasoning these recipes call for; this particular one was fine without any additional herbs or spices.}

See you in March!

*Disclosure: the Shared Tastes Panel is a paid gig.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own! I wouldn’t lie to ya.

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