Bagels and Lox

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I’m trying a new diet and this morning’s breakfast called for a whole-wheat thin bagel, lowfat cream cheese, tomato slices and…lox.¬† I’m not a huge lox fan, but past experience has taught me that if I don’t eat protein for breakfast, the rest of my day is doomed.¬† So I decided to brave the mushy/slimy texture of the fish – tell myself that it was not in fact raw, as it seemed, and assemble my Dr. Oz-prescribed breakfast sandwich.

I was pleasantly surprised! The flavor of the salmon was mild and not “fishy” as I had expected. And it added a touch of salt which is my weakness.

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?


15 Responses to “Bagels and Lox”

  1. You probably had Nova, not as briney and spicy as say, gravlax. I’m Jewish, so bagels and lox are a staple in my diet. Growing up, we had a big Jewish breakfast every Sunday, which included bagels, cream cheese and lox with tomatoes, onion and cucumbers, as well as smoked white fish (chubs) and farmers cheese. OK now I am making myself hungry. Yummmmm!

  2. Try adding capers instead of the salt. Adds a nice taste as well.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you comment that protein is extremely important, especially for breakfast.

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