Bagels and Lox

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I’m trying a new diet and this morning’s breakfast called for a whole-wheat thin bagel, lowfat cream cheese, tomato slices and…lox.  I’m not a huge lox fan, but past experience has taught me that if I don’t eat protein for breakfast, the rest of my day is doomed.  So I decided to brave the mushy/slimy texture of the fish – tell myself that it was not in fact raw, as it seemed, and assemble my Dr. Oz-prescribed breakfast sandwich.

I was pleasantly surprised! The flavor of the salmon was mild and not “fishy” as I had expected. And it added a touch of salt which is my weakness.

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?


2 Responses to “Bagels and Lox”

  1. You probably had Nova, not as briney and spicy as say, gravlax. I’m Jewish, so bagels and lox are a staple in my diet. Growing up, we had a big Jewish breakfast every Sunday, which included bagels, cream cheese and lox with tomatoes, onion and cucumbers, as well as smoked white fish (chubs) and farmers cheese. OK now I am making myself hungry. Yummmmm!

  2. Try adding capers instead of the salt. Adds a nice taste as well.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you comment that protein is extremely important, especially for breakfast.

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