The Griddle Cafe Red Velvet Pancake Mix

This past summer Hubby and I went to Los Angeles for a friend’s wedding. Of course, before we even touched down on the West Coast, I had already mapped out our culinary itinerary being the foodie that I am.  Hubby is a breakfast fanatic, so I knew that our morning spots had to be on point. I scoured online reviews for breakfast spots and The Griddle Cafe was consistently rated as a “must-visit” place.  It did not disappoint! The food was SO good that we went back a second day.

My “Addicted to Noisella” Stuffed French Toast

Thank goodness The Griddle Cafe is a 5-hour plane ride away, otherwise we would have certainly OD’d on it by now. But! If we’re ever desperately craving Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (YES y’all) we’re totally in luck! The Griddle Cafe now offers Red Velvet Pancake Mix for purchase and now, you can have this in your very own home:


Just $14. Order yours here.

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6 Responses to “The Griddle Cafe Red Velvet Pancake Mix”

  1. OMG! Must order this to surprise our red velvet obsessed daughter! And ok, I want to try it too! Yum!

  2. That sounds and looks sinful. *lol* Will have to order it for my mother. Thanks!

  3. Dear Jodi,Owner or whom it may Concern,
    My husband and I are fans of Sweet Breakfasts and I watched your launch Party video on You Tube.I am also a huge Fan of David Cook whom was at your launch party that was hosted by Eliza Dushku.I was just curious what is in the mix and is the recipe on line.I will have to check this out!

  4. Just found your blog when searching for red velvet pancake mix online…low and behold, you linked the exact thing I was looking for…my friend got this as a gift from a friend in LA, we made them and they were soooooo delicious that I immediately started searching for where to get my own container… EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THIS PANCAKE MIX!

  5. Hi Fergie,

    Do you know of anyone who sells red velvet waffle mix? I think Sofella Foods discontinued it and I have not been able to find it any where else. Thanks in advance for your time.


  6. Oh wow…those breakfast meals look really really rich, and like they could clog your arteries.

    Yes, my kind of breakfast food. Looks delicious.

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