Things I Can’t Live Without in My Kitchen

There are certain staples that I must have stocked in my kitchen at all times.

If you haven’t tried these garlic cubes by Dorot, you MUST run to your nearest Trader Joe’s and pick some up. They are so handy!! Fresh garlic in seconds without any mincing or garlicky fingers.  A brilliant invention and so useful in a pinch. I <3 these!

I love Goya products.  My Caribbean heritage calls for certain flavors in my cooking that I can depend on Goya for! Their Sazon with Coriander and Annatto is like having a secret weapon right there in your pantry.  It’s my go-to seasoning for my signature guacamole and works lovely with an array of dishes.  While I’m talking about Goya products, I should go ahead and share that I always have their Yellow Rice on hand along with their white Cooking Wine.

Tortillas! If I have these in the house, I can do anything. Quesadillas, Fajitas, Soft Tacos, Scrambled Egg Wraps for Breakfast, Turkey Wraps for Lunch – you name it.

What are some of your kitchen must-haves?

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11 Responses to “Things I Can’t Live Without in My Kitchen”

  1. For me, it’s pastas all different shapes and sizes. When in doubt, cook some pasta. Words to live by.

  2. I love Goya products too and always have on hand canned black beans, chick peas, pigeon peas, both green and dried for quick week night meals. I try to go meatless at least twice per week. I definitely have to check out Trader Joe garlic cubes – glad you shared that. Like cooking with wine BUT do not use “cooking” wines at all. It’s got to be good enough for me to drink to be able to cook with.

    Keep on keeping on sista!!

  3. Darn! I’ve never seen anything like those garlic cubes. But we don’t have Trader Joe’s. I’ll still have stinky hands…

  4. My wife and I always have to have plenty of pasta, hamburger helper, tuna helper, chicken helper, and shake-n-bake. With these items and some canned vegetables we can make all kinds of great stuff.

  5. I was laughing after seeing this post. At first I thought my wife posted this because all the stuff that you posted is always present inside our fridge. She so like garlic and love to cook dishes with garlic as the main ingredient. “Chicken in garlic honey sauce”" is one of the favorite!

  6. Wow we are the same , I also have that crushed garlic inside my fridge. I’m also a food enthusiast just like you, planning to attend a culinary school but it’s quite expensive hehe,,,I guess I’ll just suit myself with cooking shows and youtube tutorials!

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