Product Review & Giveaway: Weight Watchers Cheese

I love cheese. No, you don’t understand. I love cheese. From Cheddar to Mozzarella to Brie to Parmesan to Cheez Whiz (sorry), to my absolute favorite: Cambozola – I could eat cheese all day. In fact, I’ve been known to skip dessert and sit down with a crusty baguette and a creamy blue cheese to end my night.  The thing about cheese though, is that it’s quite fattening and not necessarily a guilt-free pleasure for me.

Enter Weight Watchers Cheese!
{Trust me, I was skeptical too.}

I’m a fan of Weight Watchers foods – I like the cookies, cakes and breads (the yogurts are a way too “aspartame-y” for me though) – so I jumped at the chance to sample their new line of cheeses.  I was sent an awesome picnic basket, full of healthy snacks like trail mix and nuts, along with a ton of cheeses. I decided to try the Reduced Fat Cream Cheese Spread to start.

First off, I liked the fact that the package is labeled by “points.”

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So I knew exactly how much 1 serving was and was able to cut the package accordingly. I toasted a thin bagel and spread my Weight Watchers Cream Cheese on. Yum! A low-fat breakfast.

Then I got adventurous.

One evening last week for dinner I decided I was tired of the usual dishes we always have for dinner and wanted to make something new.  I opted for the Chicken Croissants that Jane raves about.  Here is the recipe:

Chicken Croissants

- Cream Cheese (1 package)
- Mushrooms (1 package, diced)
- Onion (as much as you like…I use about 1/4 of an onion)
- Cooked Chicken Breast (2 breasts?)
- Pillsbury Crescent Rolls OR Frozen Filo Dough
- Gravy topping – you can use cream of chicken soup or make chicken gravy with broth and thickening

Cook the chicken breast however you want (boil, pressure cooker, microwave). Chop up and sautee the mushrooms and onions. Mix chicken, mushrooms and onions into the cream
cheese. This is your filling. Here are the directions for each type of “crescent”:

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: Put a blob of filling on the triangle of dough and roll the dough around the filling – cook for as long as directed on the package for the rolls.

Phyllo: Follow the directions on the package for phyllo.

Phyllo is SUPER yummy, but the crescent rolls are yummy too – crescent rolls are MUCH easier.

Top with gravy and enjoy!

I used the Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Cream Cheese Spread and, let me tell you, it was sensational! The kids crushed the meal and even hubby who has an aversion to mushrooms AND onions, cleaned his plate. Must have been the cheese…

I still have the Original Swiss, Garlic & Herb, Parmesan Peppercorn and Jalepeno Pepper wedge cheeses to try.  Each wedge is only 1 Weight Watchers Point, so this will be a great snack to toss into my purse and tote with me to work.

Do you love cheese? Please say that you do so we can stay friends. Better still:

(1) Leave me a comment about your favorite way to eat cheese; and

(2) Tweet this post using the #WeightWatchersCheese hashtag,

and I’ll randomly choose on on the comments to win a Weight Watchers Cheese Snack Kit! Easy. Cheesy.

Contest ends Wednesday, August 25 at midnight.

*Disclosure: Thanks to Weight Watchers for providing me with a selection of their cheeses to sample!

68 Responses to “Product Review & Giveaway: Weight Watchers Cheese”

  1. I love cheese. I recently determined that it is my favorite food. I like it on everything. Especially a nice thick hamburger.

  2. I love cheese and I’m not ashamed! My current favorite is taleggio on water crackers with just a smidge of fig jelly. Heaven!

  3. Love the Weight watchers Cream cheese! It has helpped me loose 20 pounds. I was very nervous the first time I bought it. I am not a fan of the low fat or fat free regular cream cheese. I was sooo surprised when tried the Weight Watcher brand and LOVED IT!!! Thank you for helpping me in my weight loss.

  4. I looove cheese! Mmmnmmm!! Feta is my new favorite, but I love the little laughing cow but happy weight watchers made them!

  5. I use the cream cheese as a substitute for mayo on my tomato sandwiches when the tomatoes are super fresh. Taste wonderful!

  6. I need to try this!!

  7. I am fellow cheese lover. I love to eat cheese and grapes or just a plain, old-fashion grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese goes with almost anything.

  8. Love cheese! can’t wait to try these on my favorite Carb-check bagels. Weight watchers is so much easier these days with all the great products available.

  9. Haven’t seen the Weight Watchers Cream Cheese yet at the store but now i can’t wait to go get some to make my Buffalo Chicken dip. I already use the weight watchers shredded cheese in it.

  10. I CRAVE cheese:) It is one of gods greatest creations, and their is so much you can do with it! YUMMY!!!

  11. I love cheese so much that I made my cheese hating husband a permanent convert. The day he asked me to get him a bag of shreded cheese to put on his scrambled eggs in the mornings, I nearly died of joy.
    My favorite way to eat cheese is spreading cream cheese or one of the cheese wedges on a toasted bagle. Warm, creamy goodness!

  12. I really don’t think I could live without cheese! My favorite way to use WW Whipped Cream Cheese is to dunk some Trader Joe’s Honey Wheat pretzel sticks right in and eat them right out of the bag. So good.

    I also use Laughing Cow cheese wedges in my pasta. Fiber Gourmet makes a mac and cheese product that tastes almost EXACTLY like the Kraft brand. I use half of the cheese powder and add a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese to make it creamier and richer. I can’t tell the difference and it’s 1/2 the calories. :)

    Everything is better with cheese!

  13. Cheese is my quilty pleasure – I am a bit of purist though. I love cheese and crackers – whether it be a spread (like the wedges) or slices, I love it on a cracker. I also enjoy cheese on my sandwiches, burgers, salads and cream cheese on my bagels. And cottage cheese, I love it with a little paprika (on a cracker too).

  14. I love all kids of cheese, especially it melted over something, cheese makes life worth living.

  15. To be honest I have never tried WW Cream Cheese and would love to, but can’t find it anywhere! I suffer with the fat free cream cheese I can find and not the best flavors, Makes me a sad WW Gal.

  16. I love cheese but none of our stores carry the WW cheese but I do get the laughing cow and I take them with me to work so it is a quick pick me up when I fill like I’m going to cheat

  17. I love cheese but am a “cheese snob” as far as “hard cheeses” are concerned. I only like sharp cheddar! I have found the Kraft 100 calorie Cheddar Cheese packs and while these are the 3-6 oz of cheddar cheese I would normally eat, they are great to put on a nice fresh salad.

    WW cream cheese is great! I put one serving on a toasted thin bagel and then top with the Craisins 100 calorie pack for an added “sweetness”! The Chicken Croissants sound great and I’ll have to try those!

    Have not found the WW Cheese Wedges but would LOVE to try them when I do. I do like most flavors of the “spreadable” cheeses on crackers. I got some of the Wheat Thins Flatbreads in Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic & Herb flavors and they would be great with those. For now, I grab Laughing Cow wedges whenever I can find them!

  18. I too love cheese my favorite way to make a guilty food healthy is to make quesadillas with the weight watcher cheese. I spread the whipped cream with a few drops of chipotle sauce on the tortilla and cover with weight watchers shredded cheese and grilled chicken strips and place in my quesadilla maker so yummy!

  19. I love the Weight Watchers Parmesan Peppercorn wedges. I have just had them with crackers, but I’m anxious to try it melted on whole grain pasta!!!

  20. I love cheese, but I stopped eating cheese so I could focus on weight loss. Since I am a weight watchers members, this new line of cheese can help me reach my weight goal. I can finally eat cheese again, yeh.

  21. lol that should be the whipped cream CHEESE not whipped cream on the tortilla :)

  22. Cheese is so yummy, it feels good in my tummy! #WeightWatchersCheese helps my waistline to please, so on my knees send me some cheese.

  23. I LOVE cheese but haven’t tried Weight Watchers cheese. I eat a lot of Weight Watchers food such as their cookies, carrot cake, brownies, ice cream products (all of them) chocolate chip muffins, but I have always been afraid to try the cheese products. They are so expensive and I’m afraid they just won’t taste like cheese. I love cheese so much I can’t understand how Weight Watchers can make it taste good. I would really love to win this giveaway. I don’t twitter, so this is the only way I can enter.

  24. I love cheese as a snack or as a part of a meal. WW cheese is difficult to find in my city.

  25. I love to take a corn vita muffin top w/ a hot dog, chili & cheese to make a really good chili corn dog w/ cheese. Yummy
    Also a potato pizza with gruyere, truffle oil and honey Oh my soo good.
    I love Blue cheese salad dressing and it is so hard to try to use only a small amount but I do manage (most the time)
    I just love cheese most all cheese mmm

  26. I love the WW cheese. It tastes sinful and yet it isn’t!! I love to add it in my morning omlete. Makes it taste better and it is another “filling food” yes!!
    Would love to Tweet…have no idea how to do it :-(

  27. Just love my cheese sandwishes,salads,chili and my more recipes thanks to weight watchers for making a great product for all of all cheese lovers. Great not to give up cheese while watching our waist-lines.
    Thanks WEIGHT WACHERS for coming out with a fantastic product my favorite cheese!

  28. I love cheese but haven’t tried weight watchers cheese yet but I am going to.I need to lose about 60 pounds so I hope this will help.

  29. I Live For Cheese!

  30. As a party appetizer,,,use the whole round of cheese…place the wedges on a plate as a circle.
    Top with your favorite Pepper relish or Pepper Jelly ( check calories, etc.)..I like Braswell’s All Natural Pepper Relish, 20 calories per 1 Tablespoon….Place 1 point crackers on the side…and voila…a lovely plate…and tastes so decadent..but is not..!!!!!!!!

  31. Cheese…wonderful cheese….WOW I love cheese–and find it the hardest thing to substiture when dieting…just saw that Laughing Cow has a blue cheese wedge–can’t wait to try it!

  32. My favorite are the little one-point Weight Watchers cream cheese cups, so you know exactly how much cream cheese you get for a point without having to measure. If you put it on a one-point bagel, there’s actually too much cream cheese! Feels so naughty, but it’s not!

  33. Great tasting cheese away to boost your calcium and weight watchers has made great tasting and low in points. Love it on a grilled cheese sandwhich and it is a healthy way to keep on track. Thanks Weight Watchers!

  34. i love cheese. i have tried the WW cream cheese and i love it. yes on a bagel thin…OMG taset like the real thing. the chicken dish looks really good i need to try it. thanks for that.

  35. I love cheese so much I think I need Cheese Lovers Anonymous!!! LOL. I use nothing but WW cream cheese and WW cheese wedges. I whip 1oz of the cream cheese into a cherry cheesecake yogurt and it really tastes like the real deal. I spread the cheese wedges on eveything from omelettes to wraps. Smart idea Weight Watchers!!!

  36. Hi! I LOVE Weight Watchers cream cheese on the Thomas Bagel Thins. Only two points for the snack and it really stays with me and wards off the hunger. :)

  37. I love cheese on crackers, bagel thin and veggies and weight watcher cheese melts so good!!

  38. Spread on fiber crackers! YUMMY!

  39. I LOVE CHEESE! So when WW came out with their cheeses I was excited. I have switched ALL our cheeses – shredded – sliced – creamed all to WW. They all have great flavor & melt like like the full fat ones. Best products EVER!!!!

  40. I also love cheese! I love to use the weight watchers cream cheese instead of mayo on sandwiches and also on bagels with strawberry jam. YUM!!

  41. I love the parmesan peppercorn flavor. I use it on sandwich thins instead of mayo when I make a sandwich.

    I don’t twitter.

  42. I love WW Cheese also! Thank you Weight Watchers!

  43. i fell in love with the Jalapeno cheese spread when I was visiting in New Hampshire — it is so good! Wish I could find it at the Navy Commissary here in Hawaii!

  44. I am a cheese junky!! I have not tried any of the WW cheese products – have not found them at my local stores. I do however use the laughing cow wedges on just about everything, spread on an apple/pear, crackers, sandwich thins. Would love to try the different flavors of the WW cheese wedges.

  45. I’m with everyone here – I LOVE CHEESE. My husband & I are following the Weight Watcher Lifestyle (not a “diet”) and buy the WW cream cheese, the sliced Colby Jack & the Smoked Provolone, AND the wedges….not only do they have a wonderful taste, but I can eat them without guilt <- very important.

  46. My daughter and I love the Weight Watcher cheeses. We snack at nite using the 1 point cheese as spreads on our Weight Watcher crackers, apples sliced up and in cooking, pizza, pretzels, etc., the list goes on and on. I have been a Weight Watcher lifetime member for years and love all their products. The cheese has the best flavor and consistency. Can’t wait for new flavors to be invented….keep trying and we’ll keep buying….Thanks Weight Watchers….

  47. I love the cheese wedges on celery for a 1 point snack in the middle of the afternoon, when I get the munchies! Laughing Cow has come out with several new and delicious falvors, like Blue Cheese or Mozzarella with Sun Dried Tomato & Basil! All are great on toasted bagel thins or crackers, if you want to spend the points!

  48. I love using the wedges of cheese to melt in my mashed potatoes instead of sour cream. I also use them to top baked potatoes or twice baked potatoes! Very yummy and flavorful. =)

  49. I love to add ww cheese wedges to fresh steamed spinach. Just let melt and stir it in! It makes it like a creamed spinach. Yummy!!!

  50. I love cheese!!!!!

  51. I LOVE cheese too! I love to spread laughing cow cheese (or Weight Watchers) wedge on an Arnold’s Thin Bun with a grilled Boca Burger with lettuce & Tomato! YUMMM!! Only 3 pts!!!

  52. Ok, I’m totally skeptical it’ll taste good but I’ll give it a try!

  53. The truth is I also love cheese. I love eating it raw. Oh yummy!

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