But It’s Just So Preeeetty!

Target has done it again. They’ve already laid claim to approximately $100 per month of my money, but now they’ve gone and put the nail in the coffin by offering several new lines of products that I already love: Caldrea and Miss Jessie’s, in addition to some brand new ones.

Yes, my kitchen-lovin’ friends, there is now a cookware line designed by miss Giada deLaurentiis herself.

Now I know what you’re thinking. And you’re probably right that this particular line of cookware is no better than the Cuisinarts or Calphalons of the world, but….it’s just so gorgeous!  {I can’t believe I just called cookware “gorgeous” but I did.  I gasped when I saw the aisle in the store.} I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the tools. I’ve got my eyes on this Stainless Steel 14-piece Knife Set:

and this Cast Iron Panini Pan with Press:

There’s a cute video of her introducing her line here {boo, Target, for not letting people embed.}

There are also food items available as well, such as dried pasta and infused oils.

Well done Giada.

3 Responses to “But It’s Just So Preeeetty!”

  1. So, can’t wait to scurry over to our Target and check it out. I’m obsessed with Paula Dean’s line.

  2. Target carrying Miss Jessie’s? Now that’s something! I’m loving that cutlery set!

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