Bring It On, Rach

I could give Rachael Ray a run for her garbage bowl.  She might make 30-minute meals, but I’m the queen of 20-minute meals. The window of time I have between when I walk in the door from work and when my middle child is going to pass out from hunger is slim. And so I’ve perfected the art of the quick meal.

Case in point: today I made 3 meals for a friend of mine who just had twins that haven’t made it home yet because they’re still in the NICU.  She’s exhausted and busy going back and forth to the hospital all while pumping and taking care of her older son. So, while I’m crazy busy, in comparison I really have it easy. And so I said I would bring her a few meals to get her through the week.

Now, about that “crazy busy” thing; this morning at 7am, I was in the car on my way to interview Hill Harper (yes!) for an upcoming Mamalaw project.  Then it was onto Chatterbox’s school multicultural festival. After 2 hours of ring tosses, bouncehouses and overpriced sugary snacks, we went to eat and then finally made it home. That left me with about 2 hours to grocery shop and throw together a few meals from my friend. I ended up making Sausage Penne with Vodka Sauce; Grilled Garlic-White Wine Marinated Tilapia with Corn on the Cob and Green Beans; and my infamous Taco Casserole and Yellow Rice.  And I did it all while watching my kids play on the deck and making dinner for my own clan.

What ‘chu got on that, Food Network?

8 Responses to “Bring It On, Rach”

  1. Nothin like a mama with a plan!

  2. Very impressive!!

  3. Stacey, I’m hooked to this site. i need the taco casserole and the sausage penne. In the meantime, i’m going to post this amazing 20 minute recipe that I love.

    Tofu Steaks with Sesame Udon Noodles

    1 pkg extra firm tofu cut into slices (can use any protein, but better with tofu)
    7T soy sauce
    3T mirin
    3T honey
    1t red pepper flakes
    2T vegetable oil
    1 pkg udon noodles
    2T sesame seeds
    2T sesame oil
    1 lb. baby bok choy, chopped
    shitake mushrooms, thinly sliced

    Noodles. Bring water to boil in large pot. Add udon noodles. Once cooked, drain and transfer to large serving bowl. Add sesame seeds, sesame oil, 1T soy sauce to noodles and mix through.
    Tofu. Whisk soy sauce, mirin, honey and red pepper flakes and set aside. Heat oil in skillet. Add tofu, fry until golden brown, and remove from skillet. Add mushrooms to skillet and cook down. Pour 1/3 of soy sauce mixture into skillet. Cook until thickened (5 min.)
    Bok Choy. Using noodle pot, cook bok choy in water until bright green (2 min.).
    Pour 1T soy sauce mixture over each serving of noodles. Dip tofu slices into soy sauce mixture and serve over noodles with the bok choy. (bok choy and mushrooms are optional)

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